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Taking Accountability Into Account: 4 Tips for Sticking with Your Workout

The hardest part of any workout isn’t the workout itself – it’s making sure you commit to working out in the first place. Finding a workout buddy or scheduling your workouts are good guidelines for staying accountable to your fitness goals, but they may not work for everyone. With that in mind, here are 4 tips that can help you stay on track to meet your fitness goals no matter what comes your way.

Sign up for a competition. There’s nothing like a deadline to keep you honest. If you sign up for a competition – a 5k, an obstacle race, or CrossFit competition, you’ll be a lot more inclined to train yourself to get ready for it. Having to finish a competition will motivate you far beyond simply wanting to improve your looks.

Share your goals online. Social media is great for showing gains, sharing your fitness journey, and most of all getting – and giving – inspiration to keep going. If you know you’ll be working out in the morning or after work, post something out on your favorite social media app letting people know your plans. That little extra boost of motivation to keep your word could be what gets you into your local gym when all else fails. You can always follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected with others on a similar fitness journey.

Take photos every week. When you look at yourself every day, it can be easy to lose sight of your gains. Create a folder on your phone and keep track of your progress every week by taking photos. You’ll see change over time, and there’s little else that can motivate you to keep going as much as actually seeing what all your hard work is accomplishing.

Create a rewards program. It’s time to start crossing things off your bucket list. Start and maintain a workout log so you see the progress you’re making week to week, and tie things you want to do to milestones along the way. If you want a new bike, or some cool new workout clothes, or even a vacation you’ve been putting off, this is your chance to make those things happen – and as a result push yourself to work harder.

Have any questions about how you can stay accountable to your exercise goals? Come in to Fitness Connection and talk to any of our Fitness Experts. We’re happy to help you build the right workout and right accountability system so you can live a happier, healthier life.