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5 Benefits of Pairing up With a Workout Buddy

A lot of people talk about fitness journeys as something you take alone. But don’t overlook the single best tool you have for getting healthier: other people. When you hit the local gym or chart your fitness goals, you don’t have to do it alone! In fact, having a workout buddy join you for exercise may end up being the single most important factor in your (and their) success.

Check out these 5 reasons why having a workout buddy can help you meet your fitness goals, and we think you’ll agree that exercise and workout buddies go together like... well, like you and your bestie.

Accountability. Sometimes the toughest part of a workout is just showing up. If you know someone is counting on you (whether they’re waiting for you at the gym or won’t hit their goals if you don’t make the effort), that gives you just one more reason to stick to your workout commitments. Who wants to let a friend down?

Motivation. Just like having a workout buddy can get you in the gym, that same workout buddy can push you to do more while you’re there. When you’re flagging in cardio or struggling to do one more rep, their encouragement and presence can help push you over the hump.

Competition. What’s motivation without a little competition? It’s perfectly human to want to push yourself to meet or beat someone whether you’re running or strength training. Partnering up with someone who is just a little bit fitter than you can give you that extra motivation you need to go harder and leave it all on the floor.

Stress Relief. Going to your local gym is already an excellent remedy for blowing off steam; adding someone you can talk to adds in the bonus of a little free therapy. You can talk about your day, decompress, share stories and multitask, which can add emotional stress relief to the long list of good things exercise can give you.

Fun! Exercise can be tough, but it’s also a lot of fun, and having a workout buddy can help you remember that. By catching up on your day, pushing each other to do more and just plain joking around, you give yourself extra motivation to show up to the gym. And study after study shows people who work out with others enjoy the experience more.

Want to know more about signing up a friend, or are you curious about the best workouts for pairs? Just come talk to any of our staff at your local Fitness Connection. We’re ready to help you make a more meaningful Fitness Connection.