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Let’s Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate! This month, we’ll be moving and grooving with a variety of activities that put the spotlight on our Latinx community. 

We believe diversity is our greatest strength at Fitness Connection—from our dedicated members to our valuable team, we wouldn’t be the fitness community we are today without the help of our FitFamilia.


Dance and movement are a key part of Latinx culture. And at Fitness Connection, we embrace the power of dance in a big way. 

 Why? We’re firm believers that you don’t need to know how to use gym equipment to get a great workout—dancing is a great form of exercise too! Just keep moving and embrace the rhythm, even if it takes some time to find your footing. 

We offer a variety of dance classes that caters to all fitness levels. And here’s a fun fact about Zumba®: After making its way to America in the early 2000s, this popular exercise program helped Latin music and choreography explode in popularity.   

Since then, Latinx culture has found its way into fitness centers, dance studios, and communities across the United States. Without the help of ZumbaⓇ, this influence may not have been possible.

And in recent years, countless Latinx artists have been topping the charts—from Bad Bunny to Shakira, our workout playlists always have their greatest hits on repeat!

If you’re as passionate about music and dance as we are, then you don’t want to miss out on Latinx week during Hispanic Heritage Month. Join us September 18th through the 22nd for Semana de Zumba® and show us your best moves! Plus, you can bring a dance partner for FREE with our 5-Day Pass. 


Representation is important, so we want to call out some of our favorite Latinx role models! Whether you need some fitness tips or words of encouragement, these folks are sure to inspire you to keep pushing forward.

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is a true triple threat—she’s an accomplished actress, fitness enthusiast, and former Salsa dancer. 

Her breakout role in the hit series “Jane the Virgin'' brought much-deserved recognition to the Latinx community. The show received critical acclaim and won a Peabody Award for its satirical depiction of telenovelas. In another notable performance, she portrayed renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in a stage play. 

When she’s not on the big screen, she’s an advocate for fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. According to Rodriguez, working out has helped alleviate symptoms she experiences from Hashimoto’s disease.

And although she admits to not always maintaining her workout routine, she isn’t too hard on herself. We love her positive attitude about fitness and body image!

Another thing we love about Gina Rodriguez? She uses her platform to elevate the Latinx community. She’s on the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), a non-profit that supports higher education for Latinx individuals. 

Gina inspires us by being a role model for health, fitness, and education—something we strive to do every day at Fitness Connection.  

Massy Arias

Massy Arias is a Latinx fitness influencer with a story that’s so inspiring, we couldn’t help but share. She’s living proof that positive habits and incremental changes can do wonders for long-term success. 

Arias may be incredibly strong and healthy today, but her journey to get there was not easy. At one point, her depression was so severe she was unable to leave her bedroom. According to Arias, she couldn’t even lift a dumbbell—and she certainly didn’t know how to use gym equipment. 

Nothing seemed to help until she started working out with a friend. Arias started gradually with walks, short exercises, and low reps. It took some time, but eventually she increased her strength and stamina. 

Today, she’s a certified fitness trainer with millions of followers—including a few notable celebs (Chris Hemsworth, anyone?). She’s not only physically fit, but her mental well-being is the best it’s ever been. Her inspiring story is proof that the gym can uplift us in many ways.

If you’re just beginning on your fitness journey, this is your reminder to take things slow and steady—and most importantly, never give up! Follow Massy on Instagram at @massy.arias for more inspiration and fitness tips. 


Sure, we all want to stick to a fitness routine and learn how to use gym equipment—but what you do to fuel your body is important too! Proper hydration and nutritious food will only enhance your workouts and give you the stamina you need to push forward.

Latinx cuisine is known for its vibrancy and flavor—and luckily, there’s plenty of healthy options to choose from. Here are a few traditional foods we love:

Quinoa: This edible seed is native to South America. Rich in fiber and vitamins, quinoa makes for a healthy and filling meal. It’s the perfect base for salads or Buddha bowls.

Black beans: Black beans are a staple in many Latinx cuisines, and for good reason. They’re not just tasty—they’re packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Avocados: This versatile superfood is a great source of healthy fats and fiber. You can use them as a topper on salads, smear them on toast for a healthy breakfast, or blend them up in a delicious and healthy smoothie.

Chia seeds: According to many, chia seeds are an “ancestral superfood,” going all the way back to the Mayas and Aztecs. You can make tasty chia seed pudding for a boost of fiber and omega-3s.

Hungry for more? Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of great recipes from home chef Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack. She’s a Latinx food blogger and award-winning writer. Her traditional Mexican recipes are simple, fresh, and incredibly tasty!

While some might use dance or music as their form of self-expression, Yvette uses food and cooking to honor her culture. Her recipes have been passed down for generations—and we’re grateful that she’s willing to share them with all of us.   

You can check out some of her healthy recipes here. Personally, we recommend the salmon tacos with creamy avocado, or the Mexican cinnamon apple oatmeal.


At Fitness Connection, providing a supportive and welcoming community is important to us. If English isn’t your first language, we’ve got you! Connection is one of our core values—in order to connect with you better, we have Spanish speakers on staff that are available to help you meet your fitness goals.

And Latinx pride isn’t just limited to Hispanic Heritage Month! We offer classes year-round that embrace Latinx dance and music, so Fitness Connection will always be a place to celebrate your FitFamilia.  


Excited to get moving? So are we! Don’t forget to check out our roster of classes and activities during Hispanic Heritage Month. We hope to see you there!