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Spring Training: How Seasonal Changes Impact Your Workouts

The Science of Spring Training: Changing Your Workouts with the Seasons

You know that feeling you get when the first few days of warmer weather arrive, and everything just seems happier? It’s not all in your head! Studies have shown that warmer weather, especially after continuously colder weather, can boost your overall mood and mindset. Changes in the seasons can bring changes to your workout routine, so it’s important to adapt with them. Whether you’re changing the types of exercise you’re doing, what time of day you’re working out, or leveraging the psychological changes, here’s how you can be prepared to change with the seasons.

Switching It Up

The change in seasons is a great opportunity to break out of the routine and switch up your workouts. This is actually beneficial to you in the long run as it helps prevent injuries. If you’ve been stuck in a lull, introducing a variation in the types of exercise you do can also help you make progress faster since you will be activating different muscles more than you normally would. One easy way to make such a change is to participate in a group fitness class. Not only does it allow you to find variety and choose your own activity level, but the social setting can even make working out fun! Check out our class schedule to find a wide variety of different focuses, including new music and choreography from Les Mills™ CHOOSE HAPPY, starting April 15th. Warm weather also opens the door to start implanting physical outdoor activities into your routine. You can try running and hiking, or maybe something more involved like participating in sports to help shake up your usual workouts. 

Setting Goals for the Season

Is spring the new January? Think about it—January marks the end of the busiest time of year. Spring’s longer days and increased sunshine help boost our sense of happiness and hope, and encourage us recommit to our fitness goals. This can mean setting specific goals or milestones for the season. Setting seasonal fitness goals can help keep you on track in order to make consistent progress. Seasonal goals can also help you be more accountable since there is a clear time-frame you’re setting to achieve them. If you still think you need an extra push, try a personal training session with one of our FitPros where you’ll be guided through a personalized workout plan for your specific needs.

Spring Days

It’s important to keep in mind that we’re coming off the winter months when it’s naturally harder to stay motivated. Between harsher weather, the holidays, and shorter days, winter fitness can be a real challenge. Spring is the chance to jump back in full swing or reset to keep making progress. This isn’t just observation, it’s science. Studies have shown that higher levels of vitamin D are associated with better exercise capacity. With more hours of sunlight, there are direct benefits to the human body. Among them is an increase in the neurotransmitter serotonin, widely contributing to feelings of happiness and well-being. There’s also a psychological aspect to it, with other studies showing that working out in warmer weather can improve muscle structure and function. But it’s not just about the temperature, because colder weather is great for athletic performance due to reduced heat stress on the body and a lower probability of overheating and dehydration. Exercise psychologists have observed that colder weather discourages people from working out or being outside, whereas warmer temperatures bring a higher drive to be outside and engage in exercise.

Get Out There

Now’s the time to start reevaluating your long-term fitness goals. So ask yourself—what can you achieve this spring? Are you stuck on the same types of exercise? Do you have specific goals you want to reach before the summer? Along with warmer weather and fun springtime activities, this time of year is an opportunity to switch things up and stay in your groove. Your fitness journey is about becoming the best version of yourself, so take advantage of this new motivation and keep going! At Fitness Connection, we strive to create a motivating space for all our members, so that they can focus on making progress and achieving their goals. If you’re looking for your space to become a healthier and fitter you, check out a Fitness Connection near you!