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Self-Reflection Before The New Year

It’s December and that means another year has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished in 2022! We’ve loved celebrating your personal milestones, monthly events, our 24th birthday and more with you. From new gyms opening to the Level Up Challenge to learning tips to exercise regularly and everything in between, this year has been full of challenging and rewarding experiences. Before you officially transition into 2023, we want to reflect with you on what this past year has taught us and how we can have an even better one come January.



How often do you reflect on your thoughts and actions? Success is a state of mind. Being in tune with your mental state can allow you to form better goals and to stick to them. Reflecting and meditating on your past successes and failures shows you how you persevere and how strong you truly are. Being aware of your previous habits allows you to form better ones. If you are honest and rational, you can find insights about yourself and how best to move forward in the future. Self-reflection is all about improvement, just like fitness. Using this tool helps us be better versions of ourselves.


Taking a breath and slowing down during the holiday season can feel like a hard thing to do. But, thinking back on your successes and failures can help you feel gratitude, less stress and a greater sense of direction.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • What did I set out to accomplish this past year?
  • Did I achieve my goals?
  • Where are my areas of improvement?
  • What did I learn about myself?
  • How can I improve going forward?

Challenge Is Good For You

If you never challenge yourself, you’ll never find self-improvement. In the new year, open yourself up to new experiences, like trying out our group classes, and you may be surprised at all the good things that come your way. Challenging yourself mentally rids the brain of anxiety and depression, according to a study done at Duke University.


Tips To Exercise Regularly & Have Successful Fitness Resolutions

  • Be specific about your goals.
  • Create a detailed plan and schedule workouts on your calendar.
  • Start a fitness journal to hold yourself accountable.
  • Know that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Our team members, trainers and instructors are looking forward to another amazing year alongside the FitFam! If you’d like help with setting your goals or planning your workout schedule, our team is happy to help! Our personal trainers can provide tips to exercise regularly and the support you need to succeed. If you need an accountability buddy, bring a friend to try a five-day pass for free. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our other blog posts here. Cheers to a 2023 filled with gains!