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Boost Your Brain & Body: The Science of Fitness

It’s pretty much common knowledge that exercise is good for us. It keeps us healthy by strengthening our hearts and lungs, increasing blood flow throughout our bodies and helps prevent diseases like diabetes and stroke. Exercise can also boost your mood, increase your energy, decrease stress, promote social connections and improve work performance.


Woman working out at Fitness Connection

As adults, we’ve all watched children play and thought to ourselves – “If only I had that kind of energy or felt that happy.”  By simply exercising, we can! Research shows with as little as thirty to sixty minutes a day, you can increase your endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid levels. The combination of these hormones flooding your brain and nervous system during physical activity produces a sense of euphoria that effects your energy and your mood.


Exercise doesn’t just increase these chemicals in your system. Scientists have discovered that exercise also decreases cortisol and adrenaline which induce stress and anxiety in the brain. Per the CDC, regular activity not only helps keep your body fit but can decrease depression, anxiety and stress in adults. Without the negative chemicals flooding your brain, you can think clearer and relax, which at the end of a hard day, is what we all really desire.


Zumba class at Fitness Connection

With all these “feel-good” hormones coursing through your system, you’re now more inclined to interact with others. One study showed that people who exercise often feel closer to those around them. We bond with friends, family and even strangers in our workout communities, creating valuable relationships that promote consistency and motivation. Many create connections in their community by seeking out individuals to become workout partners or utilize a personal trainer, like the amazing personal trainers at Fitness Connection. Time often flies by when you have someone with you, enjoying the same activity as you, which is why group exercise is so enjoyable. The collective effects of an elevated heart rate, pumping music and vocal instruction provides an excitement that everyone experiences simultaneously. Fitness Connection offers countless group fitness classes for members and guests to enjoy, regardless of their fitness experience level.


With more energy, less stress and stronger relationships, we are able to focus on other priorities, such as our work performance and career ambitions. A study performed by Leeds Beckett University indicated that employees who visited the gym or participated in physical activities were more focused, driven and consistently felt more productive during their work day. In essence, a daily workout teaches us the value of dedication motivation and connection – three key components to success.So, the next time you have the urge to sleep in instead of going to the gym or skipping your workout after a long day at work, just remind yourself of how much better you will feel afterward and all the benefits you gain by being active – both mentally and physically. And don’t forget, Fitness Connection is here for you. Come join us and surround yourself with all those great fitness vibes while sharing yours with others.