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Resolve to Be Amazing

It’s that time of year where we fill up on guilt—and pie. We do it with the mindset that the new year will be a new start. Although this isn’t a terrible outlook to have, there is no rule saying that you can’t start your resolutions early! They are a great way to get yourself motivated and ready to tackle any task that comes your way.

Who Do I Blame For Starting Resolutions?

We all have a love/hate relationship with resolutions and that feeling has been going on for about 4,000 years! The reasons and manner of resolutions have changed over the years, but it’s always been a time of celebration and self-reflection.Fun facts to tell your friends:

  • It’s thought that ancient Babylonians were the first to implement resolutions for their new year beginning in mid-March.
  • Romans started celebrating the new year in January and promised the two-faced god Janus to do good in the coming year.
  • In 1740 and English clergyman started the Covenant Renewal Service as an alternative to pagan new year’s celebrations.
  • 45% of Americans say they usually make New Year’s resolutions. Only 8% are successful.

Why Are Resolutions Important?

Resolutions are a perfect chance to take a look at your life through a lens of self-improvement and work towards a happier you. They give us a meaning of purpose and drive that helps enrich our lives.

Reasons to make resolutions:

  • Motivation – Gives you something to build towards.
  • Self-esteem – Whether it’s losing weight or cooking one meal a week, maintaining resolutions give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Practice – Setting goals now can set the stage for goal setting later. You know what’s achievable and are ready for next time.
  • Improvement – It’s an opportunity to make your life better.

Where Do I Start?

Wherever you want! More specifically it’s best to start small with attainable goals that will empower you to keep going. Here are a few tips to help set goals that you can crush when you’re ready to kick off your resolutions.

Called the S.M.A.R.T method, here’s one way to set goals:

Make them Specific

Make them Measurable

Make them Attainable

Make them Relevant

Make them Time-bound

For example: Saying you want to lose weight in the new year may not lead to the best results. Proclaiming that you will lose 2 inches off your waist by February 1st is a much better process. You’re specific (lose inches), measurable (2 inches), attainable (small number), relevant (this is YOUR goal) and time-bound (Feb 1).

For extra attainability, write your resolutions down and keep them in a visible place to remind you of your commitment to yourself.

Although there has been debate lately about whether you should tell someone or not, that’s up to you! Personally, we think having an accountability partner can only help you achieve your goals.

If you’re still not quite sure where to start, let us know and we can set up a FREE Fitness Orientation to get you on the right track.

Resolution-Starting Circuit
We mentioned starting small to reach big goals, so we wanted to share a little in-gym circuit with you from the dedicated and inspirational @shogeovanni_ that’s achievable for any level of fitness.

FC Dec UGC Workout alternating toe crunches

Alternating Toe Crunches 4x 10 reps each side
Tip: Keep your abs tight and your mind sharp.

FC Dec UGC Workout modified crunches

Modified Crunches 4x 10 reps
Tip: Maintain a neutral pelvic position and BREATHE.

FC Dec UGC Workout plank with leg circles

Plank with Leg Circles 4x 20 reps each leg
Tip: Start with small circles and keep your hips still and even.

FC Dec UGC Workout cross body mountain climbers

Cross-Body Mountain Climbers 4x 20 reps each leg
Tip: Keep your core tight, back flat and hands underneath the shoulders.

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Baby Steps

Resolutions can be daunting and easy to brush off when they don’t go exactly the way we want them to. If you start small and be S.M.A.R.T about it, you’ll be able to reach your goals and create a happier, healthier you. If you do find yourself struggling or even not quite making it, it’s ok! Keep going, start over and above all, don’t give up. We’re rooting for you and your resolutions; you’re going to do great.