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Power Through Cold, Dark Months With These 4 Tips

Winter is coming… and so are cold, dark mornings and early evenings. And when the stress of the holidays looms on the horizon, we’re liable to take any excuse to skip the gym. But the holiday season is the ideal time to create or stick to an exercise routine. Where else can you fight off extra calories, burn stress and get some quality “you time” away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?

So if you’re struggling to get up early in the morning or swing by the gym after work, follow these four tips to help you stay focused on what matters most: your fitness journey.

Right clothes means right choices. There’s no such thing as a morning that’s too cold – just a wardrobe that’s not up to the task. If you’re expecting a particularly cold or wet winter, get clothes that are up to the task of keeping you warm to and from your local gym. Thermal leggings, gloves, headbands and more can keep you cozy while you trek to the gym.

Warm up on the way to the gym. If the weather permits it and it’s safe to do so, cycling to the gym is a great way to warm up with a little cardio before you start your proper workout. If you’ll be driving to the gym, warm yourself up a different way – find a new podcast or audio book to take you to and from the gym so you’re feeling fresh and ready to go.

Follow a fitness influencer. Is social media one of your first stops when you wake up in the morning? Us too. That’s why it can help to fill your feed with positive fitness messaging and ideas for new workouts. If the first thing you see when you wake up is a cool new strength training technique or workout routine, you’ll be that much more inclined to go put it into practice right away. Inspiration is out there on social channels. You just have to go find it. Just remember: follow to be inspired, not discouraged. If you find that fitness influencers are de-motivating you, unfollow!

Join a new class and become a regular. There’s nothing like accountability to keep you coming to the gym, and nothing like something new and exciting to get you pumped for it. Fitness Connection offers a variety of classes that are open to all members, so just pick one (like yoga, HIIT, or Pilates) and make a point to introduce yourself and become a regular. Not sure where to start? Just come ask. We’ll be able to figure out what you’re into and point you in the right direction.

Winter is tough, but now you know how to power through it. If you have trouble remembering that from time to time, don’t worry. Just come in to any Fitness Connection and we can help you re-discover what you love about getting fit. Won’t it be amazing when the New Year comes and you don’t need to set any “back to the gym” resolutions, because you’ve already been coming? See you at the gym.