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On the Clock: Finding the Perfect Time to Work Out

Do you like to hit the local gym first thing in the morning? Or do you prefer to wind down at the end of the day with some quality you-time doing cardio or strength training? There are advantages to both, so if you’re looking to switch or not certain what’s best for you, check out the following advantages to working out in the morning or the evening.

Morning workout advantages:

The one big advantage to working out in the morning is that you’re more likely to keep working out in the morning. When you first wake up, there’s less chance for work, family, friends, and daily fatigue to derail your plans.

More you time. Generally speaking, fewer people go to their local gym in the morning than in the evening. If you want as little hassle as possible on cardio machine or elsewhere in the gym, your best bet is to go work out first thing in the morning.

Convenience. One of the great things about going to the gym in the morning is no one is expecting you to look fabulous. All you have to do is put on your workout clothes, go to Fitness Connection, and get moving. When you’re done, you can shower and prepare for the day.

The domino effect. Starting the day with exercise makes you more likely to follow through with healthy choices the rest of the day. If you start at the gym, you’re a little more likely to have a healthy, filling breakfast – and to carry that attitude through lunch and dinner, too. There are few better ways to set your day up for success than to start it at the gym.

Evening workout advantages:

Stress relief.
Whether you’re taking fitness classes or just focusing on strength training or cardio, exercise has a proven track record for stress relief. Your workday stress can tax your system, pushing you to decompress with bad snack choices or unhealthy habits. If you’re burning the day off at the local gym, you’re a lot less likely to gain weight due to stress.

Accountability. Mornings are good for consistency, but if you need a workout buddy to keep you on track, it’s a lot easier to secure one if you’re working out in the evening. 5 a.m. friends are rare, and the potential to flake out is much higher.

Classes, classes, classes. Are you into yoga? Spin? HIIT? Pilates? Gyms offer a much wider variety of classes in the afternoon and evening for obvious reasons: more people are working out at that time. If you want to try the full range of fitness classes Fitness Connection has to offer, visiting the gym in the evening is your best bet.

Focus. You may have less going on in the morning to distract you, but you might also not be at your best. If you’re truly not a morning person, it might be wise to get through your work day before you come to the gym. Having full control of your faculties in the gym is the best way to work out smart and avoid mistakes.

If you’re still not sure when the best time to come to Fitness Connection would be, come in and talk with one of our fitness experts. We’re dedicated to helping you create the right workout for you.