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Keep It Simple…Sir (or Ma’am)

Happy New Year! The chilled air and turn of the calendar year probably has you feeling renewed and ready to tackle some resolutions. We’re all for it. This is also a perfect opportunity to take things back to basics and build a strong fitness foundation that will carry you to success throughout this year. Do I REALLY Have To Start Over?Going back to basics isn’t about starting at the bottom again. It’s all about perfecting what you already know and re-learning some things you may have forgotten. Michael Jordan once said, “Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” One of the best ways to be better is to remember the basics and refresh yourself every once in a while.Hitting the soft reset can help:

  • You become more effective by trimming what does and doesn’t work.
  • Add simplicity and create predictability to measure results.
  • Remind you of what matters most.
  • Rebuild your mental and physical health.
  • You learn new things!

By getting back to basics in the gym, it can have lasting benefits that carryover to your personal and professional life.Get Back To Where You Once Belonged.We want to keep it simple when talking about going back to basics (ironic, right?). Here are four ways to help you build a stronger foundation this coming year.

icons for blog Schedule Reminders

Start with setting a schedule or reminders.Put sticky notes where you can always see them. Download a fancy reminder app or set up alerts in your phone. Anything to help you stay motivated. Reminders are the easiest way to get us into the fitness mindset because it helps create good habits that stick.

icons for blog goalsetting

Use the S.M.A.R.T method to make goals.Last month we dove into the importance of making resolutions for a successful new year. This included making small, attainable goals you can keep track of. Check out last month’s blog for a deeper dive.


Start fueling your body properly.There are probably a hundred apps out there that can help you keep track of what you are putting into your body. It’s been said that abs are made in the kitchen or you can’t out exercise a bad diet; while both of these statements have a bit of truth to them, the general consensus is that you should focus 80% of your resolution to eating the right food. Just one day of counting calories can show you what you need to do to get back on track.


Use a personal trainer!Even the greatest bodybuilders and health gurus turn to others from time to time to brush up on the basics and get proper guidance. Personal trainers (especially the expert ones at your local Fitness Connection) can help you re-learn the right form, set goals, keep you accountable and even boost your mood.Extra tip: Group classes are a great place to connect with an inclusive community and learn the beginning ropes.  Back In The Saddle Again.It’s a new year, and YOU. GOT. THIS. It’s an exciting time to reflect on where you’ve come and where you want to go. By going back to basics, you’ll begin to work on the fundamentals needed to keep your resolutions a success well beyond this year. Our team of expert trainers and supportive staff are here to help you create a positive workout experience that will put your goals within reach. Just reach out, we’re happy to help!