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Black Fitness Influencers You Can Learn From

In a world where fitness and wellness are central to many of our lifestyles, the voices and talent of Black fitness influencers and content creators are increasingly important. From power-packed workout routines to eye-opening wellness tips, these influencers not only inspire us to stay active and healthy, but also help in combating systemic disparities in health and fitness spaces.

We’ve pulled together five Black influencers you might want to follow for inspiration or education. From exercise tips for beginners to more advanced advice on nutrition or workouts, these influencers are here to help guide you on your own fitness journey.

1. @mkj_fit

Mel is a fitness influencer on Instagram who specializes in at-home kettlebell workouts. These are useful in helping you not miss a workout day when you simply don’t have time to go to the gym. Life is unpredictable and it’s good to know how to stay on track when the unexpected happens.

While not directly providing exercise tips for beginners, his style of training is very beginner friendly and designed for anyone with a kettlebell at home to be able to follow along. His content also shows movements that help build mobility, which can be important to your training depending on what your ultimate goals are.

mkj_fit a fitness instructor doing squats

2. @nishha_curves

Nishha is another fitness influencer on Instagram, providing insightful tips and information to help maximize your workouts with better training yielding better results. Her content also blends fitness lifestyle which can serve as inspiration and motivation, especially for women looking for guidance in this space.

She creates meal prep recipe videos that can be helpful for someone who wants to start meal prepping but doesn’t know where to start. These can also serve as a jumping off point for coming up with your own recipes that work for you.

3. @cmgetfit

Marlon and Camille are a husband/wife duo on TikTok and Instagram sharing their weight loss journey together. They’ve lost 250+ pounds together and now make content to help others do the same. If you’ve been trying change your diet but can’t stand boring food, their recipes and food content are a must watch. You’ll find healthy, delicious recipes that will help inspire the way you cook in order to meet your goals. If you’re also on a weight loss journey, you’ll find plenty of content that helps provide insights and motivation as you work towards results.

4. @your.melanated.dietitian

@your.melanated.dietitian on TikTok and Instagram is a fantastic guide to those looking to learn more and educate themselves on their diets.  Diet is a main part of being healthy and you’ll find plenty of tips on how to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle with what you put in your body.

5. @curlybeviie

If you’re looking for someone who feels more like a friend or your favorite gym buddy, you’ll love Auntie Bev. Her content on TikTok and Instagram blends fitness and wellness into an overarching beauty and lifestyle lens that can provide inspiration for inside and outside the gym.

If you’re looking for exercise tips for beginners, tune into her gym content where she’ll lay out her routine so that you can try it out for yourself. Looking for a beginner friendly gym near you? Look for a Fitness Connection in your area.

Feeling Inspired

As we make our way through our fitness journeys, it’s important to find sources of inspiration to keep us motivated along the way and help find ways to make things feel interesting. While too much time on social media is never good, these influencers can provide a positive space when we scroll. If you’re feeling inspired and looking to find your space, but don’t want to do it alone, check out our group fitness classes at a Fitness Connection near you.