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Around the Clock Fitness: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy All Week Long

At Fitness Connection, we strive to give you everything you need to set fitness goals and meet them under one roof. From personal training to a wide variety of fitness classes free to all members to rows on rows of cutting-edge workout equipment, there’s no shortage of ways to move forward on your fitness journey.

But that’s inside the gym. Did you know there are all kinds of little additions you can add to your daily routine to help you stay aware of your choices? We’ve outlined a few easy things you can do to keep fitness top of mind as you live your life.

Take the stairs. This is an old standby for a reason. If your work, home, or leisure time give you a chance to take the stairs instead of the elevator, take advantage. Stair climbing is a low-impact workout so risk of injury is low, and you burn up a few extra calories you wouldn’t just standing in an elevator or on an escalator.


Need to drink more water? Don’t we all. With a few rubber bands and one simple trick, you can push yourself to stay hydrated all day long. At the start of your day, just put a few rubber bands on your water bottle of choice. When you finish a bottle, take a band off and put it on your wrist. See if you can get them all in one day. It’s that easy!


It’s just as easy to get a few more steps into your day. Whether you’re going to work or the mall, park at the back of the lot and walk a little bit further to get where you’re going. Provided the weather isn’t unbearable, this is an easy way to get a little more exercise in – and spend a little more time outdoors!


Speaking of getting a little more exercise in, make sure to get up every hour at work and walk around for five to 10 minutes. If it helps, set the same time every hour, or set reminders on your phone. Not only will you get more steps in, you’ll give your brain a chance to recharge before tackling the next challenge.


Finally, meal prep isn’t just good for your calorie count – it’s good for your budget, too. When you plan your weekly meals and make them in one batch, you lessen the risk of making unwise meal decisions because you already have something delicious and nutritious prepared.


Have any questions, need some pointers or a little help building a meal plan? Come in to Fitness Connection today. Our staff of fitness experts can’t wait to help you bring fitness to your life inside and outside our doors.