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A Challenge A Day Helps You Totally Slay

“We Don't Grow When Things Are Easy, We Grow When We Face Challenges.” –Asad Meah

Happy October! We’re finally getting into that fall feeling where the weather gets cool and the pumpkin spice flows. It’s also that time of year when we get a little more busy than usual and can lose focus on our goals. It’s a great opportunity to incorporate fitness challenges into your life to keep your body fit and good habits strong.

Challenge Your Fitness
Online workout challenges are more than just a passing trend. They are quite beneficial to any routine by establishing rules and getting you started on the right track. If you’re looking to mix things up, start something new or get back to your goals, fitness challenges are the perfect place to begin.

Benefits of fitness challenges:

  1. Helps keep you accountable
  2. Drives motivation with a clear start and end
  3. Builds confidence when completed (you just crushed a goal!)
  4. Perfect gateway to being more active
  5. Provides structure so you always know what you’re doing
  6. Builds good habits like tracking progress, persevering and more!

Join Our Challenges
This month we put together our own fitness challenges to get you geared up for success. Try these sets every day for a month as your warm up and see the positive changes they make in your routine!

Tip: Don’t let your knees pass your toes!

Wide Squat -
Sit back into your heels and work that booty! Start the music and take a step to each side while maintaining the wide squat. Do this one time on each side.

1 Wide Squat

Regular Squat
Settle in the middle and place your feet hip distance apart. Sit back into your heels and feel the stretch.

2 Regular

Jump Squat
From the regular squat position, use your arms for momentum and jump off the ground. Try to land softly on your toes. Jump 4 times through.

3 JumpSquat

PLANK Challenge
Start out in the plank position. Keep your core engaged with your wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked and your booty down and in line with your back.

4 Plank

Bear Squat
Slowly push back on your hands into your legs. Keep your knees as close to the floor as possible  without touching it.

5 Bear Squat

Knee To Elbow Plank
From the Bear Squat push forward into your hands and bring your left knee to your left elbow. Repeat by pushing back into a bear squat and switch legs by bringing the other knee to the other elbow. Do this 2 times through with each leg touching the elbow once on each side.

6 KneeToElbow

Plank Shoulder Taps
Return to your plank stance. Lift one arm off the floor and tap the opposite shoulder. Do this 4 times, twice on each side.

7 PlankShoulderTap

Challenge Completed
Now that you know the benefits of fitness challenges and have a few in your back pocket to work with, get out there and start reaching some goals. If you ever have questions or need a partner for your own challenge, feel free to let us know. We’d love to help and see you succeed. Start the challenge HERE.